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Explanation About Extensions by Methods

This method uses hot glue based on silicone which fuse together with client’s hair with the hot glue’s applicator that get into a high temperature melting the glue stick that makes the fusion, and the professional shapes the hair piece with the finger tips, the hair piece are put more or less than 5 centimeters from the hair scalp, in this case the client’s hair must be over 5 centimeters long to make easier to put the hair piece, last between 2 to 3 months on average, after it is necessary maintenance of the implanted piece depend on the client’s care.
Take between 4 hours to 6 hours to put the hair. This method can not leave any cream on roots or any other oily substances so not to melt the glue and also this method does not resist the heat, sauna, beach, and blow drier too close to the skin. We have in the market monkey silicone glue in the colors black, yellow, brown use it according to the hair color, uses specific product to take it off with the help of capillary oil to soft the silicone or warm it up after using the specific product to take off the silicone residue that stayed in the hair, takes 2 to 3 hours to take it out.
The same method as before, changing only the silicone glue to the Quertina’s polymer because of its resistance to the temperature be higher it is necessary a machine with higher temperature, with working temperature between 180 degrees to 250 degrees, lasts between 3 to 6 month. After it is necessary maintenance of the hair piece implanted, takes between 4 hours to 6 hours to be implanted.
This method holds high temperature and creams because queratina is 3 times more resistant than the silicone’s glue, giving more freedom to the client and the queratina acquire the hair natural color leaving the applied are almost invisible. To take out one usees a special product and a special tool (small pliers) that when tight the hair piece make queratina loosing the hair, takes around 1 hour to take out without damaging the hair.
The same method like the others changing the fusion to tightening with specific latex with more or less 10 centimeters length each. Tightening the hair piece that is going to be tight to the hair piece. Lasts more or less than 3 to 5 months. It is necessary to maintain the hairline implanted average time for implant 8 hours.
Method that uses hair fibril like a net. In which is make a knot with the client’s hair, the knot follows a distance between each of the them of about 6 centimeters to 8 centimeters. Lasts between 2 to 3 months, it is necessary to maintenance of the net. Time to implant more or less than 1 hour.
This method needs a special care from the client with her hair that will stay loose between the fabrics, need to be brushed continuously so it does not get all mixed up and also need to get readjusted every 30 to 45 days because the growing of the hair. To take it out just dismantles the ties with needles. To take it out takes 45 minutes.
Same method as before, alternating the permanent that became whole, one hair piece tight to another successively without the need of adjustment due the grow, lasts 2 to 3 months it is necessary maintenance of fabric. Time to implant 2 to 3 hours. This method requires the same individual care because the knots are whole, the client can feeel the hair piece tight, and to take out uses the same process. Time to take it out 1 1/2 hours.
Method which hair is sewing after and put in a net and put the especial fasteners in the net, to tight to the hair, this method is not permanent once loose up the fasteners comes out easily. This method is excellent for parades and events as well for clients who don’t want to stay with a permanent hair extensions.
Method that entwine the client’s hair tight to the scalp and after are sewed in the way of the hairline, lasts 3 months to loose the braids because of the growing of the hair that is braided together, however, it is advised to take it out monthly for the hair’s hygiene because the same is braided and stays under the hair sewed making it impossible to clean correctly, there are cases that the client keeps it for 3 months, however, it is not advisable because can occur fungus and braids smell because take too long to dry and lack access to hygiene.
This is an ideal method for those who wish not to use chemical and not want to show your own hair, it is important that the client does not have a sensitive head because the has to be very tight causing some stress in the first few days evmen requesting some pain medicine before and after the process. Estimate time to put it on averages 2 to 6 hours depending on the hair quantity and the braid;s thickness. Time to take out 45 minutes.
Method that uses a carbon or aluminum steel capsule anti-allergic and the same color of the hair and sewing together to the client’s hair with a especial need (American knot medium) and an especial pliers for this procedure. Tight hair piece with queratina in cylindrical form to be insert inside of the capsule and the client’s hair that is pressed hair with two hair inside where they are tight with pliers, the cylindrical queratina avoid that the hair piece line applied loose up easily.
Each hair piece to be implanted has between 50 to 80 hairline on the average, the hair pieces are put more or less 1/2 centimeters from the hair’s roots, in this case the client’s hair must be longer than 5 centimeters to facilitate the hair piece implementation, last between 45 to 75 days on average, after is necessary maintenance of the hairline implanted depend upon the care that the client has with the hair, time to put this between 3 to 5 hours. This method make possible that be applied again the same hair that was used changing only the steel capsule that make the joining of extension.
Can not leave in the roots any oily substance for better setting of the capsule, it resists the extreme heat, we have in the market colors: black, dark brown, light brown, burgundy, beige, and soon we will have around 15 colors in the size small, medium, and large, being the most common size is medium.
This method is not advised for clients with a sensitive head because the steel stays closer to the scalp disturbing mainly if you press your against your scalp (pillows) and you cannot blow dry your hair consecutively because the curls work like it was a lock if you pull hard it will loosen up, to take it out tight the same pliers counter clockwise direction applied to open up. If necessary use the liquid remover of queratina and with the pliers tight the queratina to take it off in case it has glue to the hairline.
The same method as the micro link changing the steel capsule with internal queratina is the same using the ready made tuft with cylindrical queratina and the special needle changing the form attachment to attach the client’s hair piece uses a tool (tweezers) with temperature around 180 degrees to 250 degrees tightening until melts the queratina that stays inside the thermal rubber curl. Durability 3 to 6 months in which is necessary maintenance of the implanted hairpiece, 4 to 6 hours to put it.
This method last longer than the micro link metal because the queratina is being put through the heat in the hair line increasing its durability and because it is a thermal rubber does not bother, to take it out use the queratina’s technique apply the solution and tight it with the pliers twisting until queratina dissolve. Takes 1 hour to take out without damaging the hair.
Any hair can use hair extensions as it is longer than 5 centimeters according to the method and it is not weak or too damaged and the client has to be aware of the care that the new hair must have, the implanted hair line needs especial care because it is a hair that is not implanted in the hair. Must be used especial hairbrush and combs on the new hair restriction to dandruff shampoos and alcohol based lotions because it is with a solution based on alcohol that wilo take out keratin. Any implant of the new hair must first be followed by a knowledge of the client’s hair activity for a better implementation of the method and the hair that best adapt to the client’s style as well her daily routine that has a tremendous influence conform the method an her personality.
All the implants must be explained together with the care that the client must have to avoid any setback and if it is possible inform the client verbally as well as written to erase any doubt. The whole process takes on average between 2 to 8 hours according to the chosen method the hair implanted must be equal to the client’s natural hair for a better look.
Explain to the client how long does it take to do the extensions so you do not try to hurry up and make the final product look unprofessional. Human hair is more expensive, however, we recommended for those who want extension. Besides durability human hair is easy to take care of and they do not need especial products. Besides it is possible to dye, blow dry, get a hair-do, and even let it get wet, go to the beach.
They are sold by grams or meters conform the method to be applied. Synthetic hair needs special care; especial shampoo (2 in 1 shampoo) conditioners without rinse. What can cause more problems with dandruff because of the shampoo’s residues, extension with synthetic hair can not be tight or sleep with them wet, or day or blow dry because they are synthetic and would melt with the heat and also should avoid the beach and the swimming in pools because of the salt as well as the chlorine that makes the hair mess up easily.
Durability: Extensions with human hair can be reused after taking them out can be treated and can be put back on again, maybe the client must buy a few grams to complement the hair piece that are lost during the change and along the time she used the extension. However, the synthetic hair lasts about 6 months when well kept, but there is not specific treatment to get back the hair that gets messed up and appear very dry with time make it impossible to reuse it.

When wash the hair do not use water too hot and do not massage scalp too much, the conditioner can only be used under the keratina. Do not sleep with wet hair, avoid the dryer too hot on the hair roots because can damage the keratin and the extension. To comb, the ideal is a large comb or a brush with smooth preferably the ones for children. It is necessary to avoid thermal hat or vapor and sauna, do nor use the dryer too often because too much heat damage the extension.
On the beach or pool is recommended a ponytail or a braid loosed and avoid exposing the head too long on the beach sun. The quantity of the tuft depends on the quantity of the client’s hair and the purpose of the job. It is important to explain to the client all the care she must have like: moisturize, wash, dye, make a permanent, brush always with nylon combs and do not use dandruff shampoos without talk to the professional if it is possible use a neutral shampoo without alcohol because we use the alcohol to take out the tuft and can diminish the Keratina’s life.
Do not wash or dye after the application, wait for 48 hours for the final activation of queratina’s capsule. Brush the hair’s roots and separate the tuft with the fingers everyday to avoid the tuft to go back together or messed up or get knots. The act of brushing is necessary to avoid knots on the roots and ends separating without struggle, must also open the tuft with the fingers so the hair does not get messy, the tuft that falls naturally from the roots stayed tight to the tuft applied and the end (with the little end white) joined with the tuft applied. Inform your client about the natural hair loss (80 to 100 tuft per day) consequently bring hair loss of some tuft (average 10% of the hair applied) without any modification on the hair appearance.
The keratin’s extension durability will depend on the client’s hair growth and two cares, on average 4 to 5 months (depending on the hair growth and care) for curly hair first perm the root and last 4 months. Use a good shampoo with moisturizer for thick hair without any necessity of putting cream on the roots because there is a chance of getting water on the capsule and damage. Do not use dandruff’s shampoo:If the client is having any scalp treatment do not do the extensions, wait for the treatment to be finished. And during breast-feed expect alot of hair loss and weakness, anticipate the possibility of hair loss. Recommend to the client do not stay with the hair wet and tight too long, and do not wash the hair night time because the capsule can get wet (if one sleeps with the hair set) and damage them. Use protection when swimming because the swimming pool’s water can damage the queratina and change the hair color and get it very dry. Have a 3 finger hair extension for the job and cut proportionally to the extension that will be used to look natural.
Avoid applied in virgin hair because does not have appropriate adherence, therefore is recommended applying to tonality. Warned the client about some tuft loss because of the no adherence. Analyze the hair extension and color make sure that the hair extension and the hair type will hold up the tuft’s length, and has an ideal finished, otherwise, will come up an an alternative job with a little change in look. Avoid application in hair with progressive comb base on formyl because this substance rubs with keratin damaging and shortening the useful life and loosing the tuft applied.
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